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In 2021 we invited 6 brilliant artists from across the globe to use the Paper Box as a blank canvas, giving shape to visual artworks. In the last edition, we’ve heard how creativity can even generate music from paper. Could you have expected music to come from paper? Probably not, but it can!

Our Paper Box is designed to give life to the best ideas: Paper Box is designed for masters.

The music edition


DAVIDE "BOOSTA" DILEO made the paper play! The performance of the Italian rock band Subsonica co-founder showed how to use the different features of the paper to create unique sounds, an amazing performance.

Paper is not an inert material but has become alive, like the music it has generated.


Fedrigoni Meets Artists by Davide “Boosta” / Live Performance / Davide “Boosta” Dileo, Musician (IT) and Paola Fagnola, Bookbinder and Book Conservator (IT)


Musician, songwriter, composer, producer

Italian musician, born in Turin, known for being the keyboardist and co-founder of the popular rock band Subsonica. He studied piano at the conservatory, has a long live experience, is considered one of the best DJs, has won many awards, not only in Italy. He has also conducted radio broadcasts, wrote some novels, is a teacher of "Electronic keyboards" at the Como Conservatory.

The visual art edition

From creative

Fedrigoni meets Artists is born from the concept of artists experiencing the Paper Box. Expressing their most artistic creations on our ultimate paper collection. Or their blank canvas.

During the digital event every artist presented their visual piece of art, style, approach and sustainability vision. An opportunity to explore how creativity speaks the same language no matter the nationality, the style or technique used. Everything enabled by one single tool. Feed your imagination with the interviews available!


The sunset
The moment of analysis and thought that you feel before any creative process
/ Paper collage, ink and acrylic / Fernando Cobelo, Illustrator (IT)
Inside And Out
The light appears from the shadow to emphasize the sensuality of paper
/ Acrylic paints / JonOne, Artist-painter (FR)
Fedrigoni Dress by Karim Adduchi / Combination of all Fedrigoni papers / Karim Adduchi, Illustrator & Fashion Designer (NL)
Contrast. / Acrylic paint and spray paint / Lois O’Hara, Designer and multi-disciplinary Artist (UK)
More than a box made of Paper
An explanation of the Chinese font design
/ Acrylic paints / Wang Yuan, Visual Designer and Art director of Studio Yuan (CN)
Covering and folding made up of paper
/ Annandaniel, Architects and photographers (SP)



Fernando Cobelo
Spontaneous, taut and immediate, Fernando Cobelo's works depict emotional narratives with visual metaphors and essential images. Born in Venezuela, he lives in Turin (Italy). His work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators of New York, Autori di Immagini, The Association of Illustrators of UK, American Illustration among other important illustration bodies.
Lois O’Hara
Multi-disciplinary Artist / Designer
Lois O'Hara is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer from Brighton (UK). Lois creates movement in design and believes that colour can have positive effects on people and places. Her vibrant, diverse and creative practice takes in Large Scale Mural Painting, Design & Art Direction, Interior Design, Public Art and Project Management.
John Perello AKA JonOne
John Andrew Perello, AKA JonOne, is a graffiti artist who lives and works in Paris. Born in New York’s Harlem neighbourhood, Jon was introduced to street art at an early age, tagging his name on the city streets. Working on a wealth of creative projects and exhibiting on a global scale – from China to Berlin and everywhere in between – his style is a colourful explosion.
Karim Adduchi
Illustrator & Fashion Designer
The illustrator and fashion designer Karim Adduchi grew up in the mountains of Imzouren (Morocco) moved to Spain and completed his education at the University of Barcelona, then moving to Amsterdam. He decided to showcase his personal story that became an example of self-expression and globalization.
Wang Yuan
Visual Designer, art director of Studioyuan
Wang Yuan is a visual designer who lives and works in China and Germany. He’s the art director at Studioyuan in Shanghai.
Architects and photographers
Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda are two photographers based in Valencia, Spain. Daniel's experience as an architectural photographer combined with Anna’s creativity as a designer and illustrator realize unconventional architecture photography. Known for their ingenious photographs and their way of interacting with architecture, they become the creative duo par excellence.

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